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Pharmaterials Ltd is a science driven contract research organisationWe specialise in the optimisation of drug substance physical forms, the development of preclinical & early phase formulations and the manufacture of clinical trials materials.

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Hot Melt Extrusion Capability
New: Hot-Melt Extrusion Capability

Drug processing technology for poorly soluble compounds and controlled release dosage forms. Reduce manufacturing costs and produce different dosage forms read more

Physical Properties & Screening

We don’t just measure, we understand

Our experience in materials testing covers surface science, physical form, thermal analysis, and issues relating to solid dosage form and inhaled drug delivery.

NEW Raman microscope - enabling faster data acquisition and processing

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Inhalation Delivery
Our specialisation covers both small molecules (such as inhaled corticosteroids, beta agonists etc) and macromolecules (such as antibodies, vaccines etc).

Our business also expands to the formulation of intranasal products.

We can provide formulation by traditional approaches or by development of design space and quality by design packages.

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Poorly soluble Drug Development
We have many years of experience in the formulation of poorly soluble and poorly bioavailable drugs.
We will explore a range of options to give the best possible fit for purpose and cost effective outcome.
Additionally we will explore amorphous dispersion formulation options and microfluidised more

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