Investment in new TAM III multichannel solution/perfusion calorimeter

Pharmaterials are delighted to announce the investment in a state of the art TAM III multichannel solution/perfusion calorimeter.

For many years Pharmaterials have provided an industry leading service for quantification of amorphous content in APIs for inhalation. The multichannel capability of the new TAM will allow many more samples to be run per day.

Mridul Majumder, Director of Physical Properties commented “We have listened to our clients needs and increased our solution calorimetry capability and capacity. The new equipment enables us to deliver an increased number of projects to tighter deadlines. We have been hugely successful using solution calorimetry on numerous projects to develop and validate methods, generating reproducible results consistently. Our expertise in this field is well recognised by the industry and we are now even better placed to deliver to increasing demand, driven by regulatory authorities, for GMP validated instruments and methods for the quantification of amorphous content in inhalation materials”.

For further details of our amorphous quantification capabilities please contact us.

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