Investment in New Raman Microscope

Due to the importance of Raman mapping and analysis for understanding physical profiles (form, particle size, etc.) and formulation issues, Pharmaterials are pleased to announce the investment in an upgraded state of the art confocal Raman Microscope. The new system will replace the existing capability and will enable Pharmaterials to provide an enhanced service and greater capacity. The upgraded system will offer faster data acquisition and processing as well as providing robust data storage compliant with CFR 21 part 11.

The Raman system is used extensively during API form selection (salt, polymorph and co-crystal screens) as well as for API profiling (physical form, morphology, size and distribution, etc.) within formulations and marketed commercial products, investigating stability problems, processing issues and during patent cases and generic product development.

Raman could also be used to study interactions, such as hydrogen bonding between formulation components to understand the stability mechanism of amorphous solid dispersions, as well as other formulation types.

To find out more and to discuss how Raman mapping can help investigate API, formulation, patent, generic products or process issues please contact us.

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