Update on Facility Expansion

Pharmaterials are pleased to announce the completion of building work to expand its manufacturing base and laboratories in Reading.

The expansion will increase its manufacturing capacity by 300% and will allow the creation of a new analytical and inhalation lab as well as expansion of other lab services. Over the coming months the labs will be re-organised once the analytical departments moves into their new laboratory which has the potential to greatly increase the present analytical capacity.

The manufacturing facility will be commissioned and validated in the next few months with the expectation that it will be operational during Q1 2015.

The management of Pharmaterials acknowledges and appreciates the hard work and planning from all who have made it possible to deliver the project during 2014.  The start of 2015 promises to be an exciting new step in Pharmaterials evolution and the new capacity, both in the number of projects it will be able to handle and the increase in scale of manufacture, will allow Pharmaterials to continue on its growth path and to provide enhanced services to our valued customers’.

Watch this space for details on the final opening of the new facility in early 2015.

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