Pharmaceutical Development Services

  • Physical Properties Material testing, routine physical properties analysis, Raman mapping, Amorphous content screening, physical characterisation techniques, and inhalation
  • Solid State Screening
    A comprehensive package of advanced solid-state screening (polymorph, salts, co-crystals and amorphous forms), characterisation and interpretation services.
  • Preformulation Formulation solutions for all phases of clinical trials, starting with very simple proof of concept formulation and developing to any level of sophistication that is needed to get your product into the clinic in the shortest possible time – Preclinical formulation to clinical formulation.
  • Formulation Development Preformulation, selection of best form, developability screen, development of preclinical formulation, development of phase 1 clinical trial formulation and later phase clinical trial formulations. Offering a range of conventional approaches for formulation.
  • CTM Manufacturing GMP facility allowing for the manufacturing of non-sterile dosage forms for oral, inhaled and topical routes of delivery.
  • Clinical Trial Packaging and Supply Innovative packaging solution, clinical trial packaging from small phase I studies, through to large Phase III trials.
  • Analytical & Stability Offering a range of analytical services including HPLC method transfer, HPLC stability indicating method development (cGMP) for actives, ICH validation, dissolution method development, cleaning verification, methodology development and validation, ICH compliant stability storage chambers, testing of products entering the EU for QP release
  • Quality Assurance MHRA licence to manufacture Investigational Medicinal Product (IMPs) and Specials. Routine internal and external quality audits for cGMP compliance.
  • Consultancy & Expert Witness Advising companies on physical form, development and formulation strategy, and regulatory consultancy service and Pharmaceutical training and lecturing