Poorly soluble drugs

Poorly soluble drugs - formulation screening

Formulation screening for poorly soluble drugs

We have many years of experience in the formulation of poorly soluble and poorly bioavailable drugs.

We will explore a range of options to give the best possible fit for purpose and cost effective outcome. Firstly, we will explore salt form and co-crystal formation to enhance solubility, then micronisation. If these meet requirements, we can take you fast to clinic using powder in capsule fill with our Xcelodose.

If further work is required, we can rapidly (within just a few weeks) explore a range of formulation options to see which will best suit your needs. Our MacroSOLV screen is a fee for service approach to optimise co-solvent, solubilisation, complexation and lipidic formulation options. Based on the skill and experience of Pharmaterials staff we can screen different formulation approaches rapidly and with minimal API requirements. We have many examples of successful outcomes from our MacroSOLV formulations and have shown excellent bioavailability and we are confident that we can help you.

The technologies screened include:

  • Suspensions and Nanosuspensions (Oral)
  • Co-solvent Systems
  • Cyclodextrins
  • Oily Liquids
  • Emulsions
  • Micro Emulsions

Additional options to explore include:

Amorphous Dispersions

Amorphous dispersions can be made stable and can be processed into capsules or tablets. We manufacture such formulations using our GMP spray drier after suitable lab development and physico-chemical testing.

These products can all be made in our GMP manufacturing facility.

Microfluidised Formulation

Microfluidised formulations reduce particle size to a micron or less and greatly enhance the dissolution rate of poorly soluble APIs. The wet size reduction with stabilising surfactant can yield nanoparticles which can be spray dried and further processed into capsules or tablets with excellent dissolution and bioavailability.

The products can all be made in our GMP manufacturing facility.

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